Hindu funeral rites

Hindu funerals

Hindu funeral rites It is customary for a hindu-funeral to take place as quickly as possible, depending on which occurs first tradition states it must take place by the next dusk or the next dawn. This is, therefore, determent on the time of death. In the United Kingdom this is

Christian Funeral

Christian Funeral Rites Any resident of England will technically live in a parish and can, therefore, be entitled to a Church of England funeral. Regardless of whether they have attended any services in their life or if they were a member of the church. Even an atheist is entitled to

Catholic funeral service

Attending a Catholic-funerals Attending a Catholic funeral service can prove to be a daunting and scary prospect, particularly if you are not of the Catholic faith yourself, therefore unfamiliar with the ceremony. Catholic funeral order of service A Roman Catholic funeral usually takes place as soon as possible after the


Repatriation Service

  International Repatriation Service Leicester In the case of a fatal accident or unexpected death abroad, one of the biggest concerns of the bereaved family is to return the remains of their loved one home – a process known as repatriation. Although this may seem to be an incredibly daunting

End of Life Planning

End of Life Planning

A little time spent now can save a lot of worry later. End of Life Planning, There are three legal documents everyone should have if they want to prepare fully for their end of life and their family’s future.   We also recommend that you have an End of Life

Probate and Estate Administration Probate

Probate and Estate

Probate and Estate Administration Probate is the legal process that has to be followed after someone dies leaving a Will. In certain cases where there is a property or where financial services organisations require it, a Grant of Probate may be needed.  In Scotland this is called a Grant of

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Advance Funeral Planning

Advance Funeral Planning There are few things in life that are not made better and easier by planning for them in advance, this is also true for funerals.  Advance funeral planning is the process of discussing, defining and recording your specific and unique funeral wishes long before the services, ceremonies

Life Celebration Funerals

Life Celebration Funerals

Life Celebration Funerals https://baytreefunerals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/life-celebration-funerals-1.mp4 Life Celebration Funerals, Many people today are seeking a funeral service which reflects the character, life, values and beliefs of the person.  This can be done in numerous ways.  Coffins can be selected in various forms, the coffin and the chapel can be decorated and the spoken

Natural Burials leicester

Natural Burials

People today are considering a different sort of funeral Natural Burials More and more people today are considering a different sort of funeral as an alternative to the traditional cemetery burial or a hurried cremation. The coffin, the hearse, the black clothes and granite memorials are all essentially a Victorian

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Budget My Funeral

Making the cost of a funeral more affordable Budget My Funeral is a practical funeral planning service for families who wish to plan ahead for their funerals and want to save on costs.  This service can be for families who have a limited budget or it could be for people

Bereavement Counselling leicester

Bereavement Counselling

Helping people in grief to find a way forward The death of someone we love can be devastating.  It is the most painful and complex loss we are ever to likely experience.  The loss challenges our ability to adapt to a life without our loved one and the breaking of

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What is a Good Funeral?

The most memorable funerals are those that are truly unique We think a good funeral is the transformation of an otherwise sombre occasion into a joyous thanksgiving of life. It is a celebration of your loved one’s unique personality leaving family and friends with memories that will always be cherished.
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