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Samantha is the first point of Call, 0116 2788868 24 hours a day, and will gently help lead you through the whole process.

Samantha is in charge of all procedures – from bringing your loved one into our chapel of rest to supporting and guiding you on the day.


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Time of mourning, we will provide the highest standard of care and funeral service packages tailored to meet your wishes.

You'll notice that we've made every effort to provide visually appealing, elegant surroundings of our funeral home and chapel of rest. It's important to us that our funeral arrangements are held in a space that is not too impersonal and feels as cosy and welcoming as possible in a difficult time.

Funeral arrangements handled by our team are very affordable
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We understand that when our Family Funeral Director services are required, our clients need our sympathy and support in times of mourning. So This is why we offer in-home funeral planning services where we come to you, as well as in our funeral home. It isn't always comfortable or convenient for you to come to us, so we need to make ourselves available to you.

Bereavement is a difficult time, and making funeral arrangements can often come at quite a cost. We Believe that your loved ones should get the send-off they deserve, which is why we have taken great care to make our Funeral Director services accessible. Unlike many other traditional funeral directors services, Bay Tree Funerals can offer very affordable Bespoke burial or cremation funeral plans, without any hidden fees or additions.

We want to be able to offer you peace of mind in your time of need. Whether you're looking for a religious or nonreligious burial or cremation funeral services, we can provide you with affordable options with floral tributes and newspaper notice without compromising on quality.


Removal of your loved one into our care, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with no extra out of hours charges.

Our Funeral Services Costs

Transparent pricing policy ensures all of our clients are aware of the precise costs from the outset. funeral arrangements handled by our team are very affordable, and you won't have to worry about massive expenses or anything like that.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the likes of David Bowie and author Anita Brookner Who Both opted for a low cost no frills Direct cremation funeral option by with no funeral service.

Bespoke Burial or Cremation Funeral Plans Available

If you are local and would like to speak to us in person, you are more than welcome to pop into our funeral home for a chat and a cuppa – the kettle is always on.

Finance Available

To apply for funeral finance, you can either: Click on the application button Ask your Funeral Arranger

Worldwide Repatriation

We provide a sensitive repatriation service to help transport your deceased relative from the UK to any country.

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We understand this is a difficult time and that you may have questions about what will  happen. We have put together a selection of the most commonly asked questions. Of  course, if you have any other questions please contact your funeral director.

It is our role to take care of every part of the process for you. We will discuss with you  what you would like in terms of service, flowers, obituaries and the like. You can trust  our caring and professional team to ensure it is delivered as you wish. We are here to  support you at this difficult time.   If you have an idea for what your loved one would have wanted for their funeral or  ideas from yourself and your relatives we can do our best to provide this.

It is important to make the funeral service individual. We will discuss options with you  including the type of service you wish to hold, what type of minister or celebrant you  wish to lead the service and choices for music and eulogies you may wish to have.

The choice of music is totally up to you and should reflect your loved one. From  religious or classical to rock and roll or pop. The service should be a celebrant of your  loved one’s life and the music they loved can be a vital part of this.

Of course, reading a personal message, some poetry or a religious text can help make  the service individual. You can instead, if you wish, ask the minister of celebrant to read  some suitable words if you prefer.

Burials are more expensive as you are required to purchase the grave plot. If you  already have a family or joint grave the cost is less, as you do not have to make the  initial purchase.

Once a doctor has certified death call our funeral home and we will take your loved one  into our care. You will need to complete the necessary legal paperwork in order for the

funeral to take place, however we are here to assist you as you require. Your  loved one will be taken to our Chapel of Rest.

Yes, you may view your loved one in our Chapel of Rest. As part of the preparation we will dress them with their own clothes or a gown which we provide.

Embalming is a process used for thousands of years and has its roots in Ancient Egypt. It preserves your loved one’s body and is recommended if you wish to spend time with  your loved one before the funeral service

The Coroner can be involved for a number of reasons and there is no need to be  concerned if this is the case for your loved one. It may be because your loved one was  not seen by their doctor within the last two weeks before death or during their last  illness. The Coroner may also be involved if the cause of death is sudden, unknown or  has been caused by an industrial disease.    The Coroner is an independent officer whose role is to investigate deaths to establish  the cause of death. In most cases this just requires a consultation with the doctor who  last treated your loved one. In some cases a post mortem may be required. The Coroner  will aim to disrupt your funeral plans as little as possible.

If your loved one has died in hospital, we will ensure the required paperwork is  collected when we take your loved one into our care. This includes the forms required  for cremation which we will pass to the crematorium before the service.

We will arrange a minister or celebrant for your loved one’s service. We will take your  wishes into account as discussed with you and provide a religious or non-religious  service as desired.

In most cases you will receive your loved one’s ashes back within a few days or up to a  week. It is entirely up to you when you wish to receive them.

Cremations are undertaken individually, once a cremation has taken place the  ashes are removed before the next cremation takes place. A certificate of cremation will  be issued for your loved one’s ashes.

Nothing may be removed once your loved one has been placed on the catafalque in the crematorium chapel.

You may scatter ashes anywhere as long as you have the permission of the land owner  if it is private land. You may scatter the ashes in the Garden of Remembrance at the  Crematorium or have them placed in a family grave or within a church yard or  cemetery. Please note, ashes must be placed in the cremated remains section and  cannot be scattered on a grave.     You may wish to scatter the ashes in a place your loved one enjoyed, for example on a  beautiful hillside, forest or at a favorite beach.

Following the service the flowers will be moved to a viewing area or into the Garden of  Remembrance. They will generally be kept for one week, during which time the family  may remove the flowers if they wish. Flowers placed on a grave will be left in place and  removed after some time.

In most cases the grave needs to settle in order for it to support the weight of a  headstone, this can take between six to twelve months.

If you are claiming benefits you can make an application to the Department of Work And Pensions for help with covering the costs of a simple cremation. This is not  guaranteed and there may be additional cost. The funeral director will help you through  the process.

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Funeral arrangements handled by our team are very affordable
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