Registering a Death

Registering a Death

An oft-overlooked step in how to plan a funeral is registering the death with the proper authorities. By law, this must be done before a funeral can take place.

While it is not necessary to register before starting to make provisional funeral arrangements, they should not be treated as confirmed until the death has been registered.

In most cases, the doctor who treated the deceased immediately before their death issues a Medical Cause of Death Certificate. This certificate is collected from the Bereavement Officer if death occurred in a hospital, or if the death occurred in a nursing home or private home, from the normal doctor’s surgery.

Our local funeral directors advise not going to the Register office without an appointment; otherwise, you can expect to wait for a long time – or not be seen at all. You will not be given an appointment until you know when the Medical Cause of Death Certificate will be available to you.

Once you have an appointment, registering the death entails an interview that should take no more than half an hour and consists of acquiring the following information:

  • The date and place of death
  • The full name of the deceased
  • Their name before they were married, if this was different
  • Their date and place of birth
  • Their job and, if they were a married woman, the full name and job of their husband
  • Their usual address
  • The date of birth of their spouse, if they were married
  • Their National Health Service Medical card, if you have this

Once the death is registered, the Registrar issues a document that allows funeral arrangements to be made. This should be handed to the funeral director, who will also issue copies of the entry in the register. These may be required for bank accounts, insurance policies, and other services. There will be a charge for these copies.


Local Registrar’s

Leicester Registrar                                                  Telephone : 0116 454 1000

Town Hall

Town Hall Square                                                   Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4:00pm




Leicestershire Registrar                                         Telephone : 0116 305 6565

County Hall

Leicester Road                                                          Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm