Where to scatter ashes in the UK

Where to scatter ashes in the UK

Scattering ashes of your loved one is a great way to honour their life. These days, cremation has become progressively famous as the alternative to the traditional funerals. This service takes place on a burial service pyre or at some crematorium, whereby the deceased body is cremated and the remains are gathered for their loved ones, family and friends to dissipate or store or scatter personally. A lot of people find the scattering process really cathartic, and scattering ashes offers those close to the dead an opportunity to celebrate their life with a certain way to them.  

In order to scatter ashes, what permissions are required?

The landowner’s permission is a must before scattering ashes in the UK. The act is legal all over the country. If ashes are being scattered in a river or the sea, the Environment Agency has to be consulted first.

Which locations are best to scatter ashes?

In the UK, there are a number of places where ashes can be scattered easily. Top places are mentioned here:

  1. Private Property

The most common place to scatter ashes of loved ones is private land such as gardens or fields. Before proceeding, the landowner must allow you to use their land.

Do remember that if you scatter the ashes in your own backyard, you might lose visiting rights in future after relocation. Once you give up your land, the new owners are not likely to allow you to visit.

  1. Lakes, Rivers, Streams and the Sea

Bodies of water are extremely popular for scattering ashes across the UK. The issue of seeking permissions does not arise here but you still need to contact the local Environment Agency. People use water for bathing and fishing mostly. Water is also extracted from several locations for consumption. Make sure that the stretch of water you have chosen is not in active use.

Many people wish to be buried at sea after their death. A special coffin and a license are required for burial at sea. However, scattering ashes does not involve these hassles. It is affordable and easier to scatter ashes at the nearby beaches. Make sure that you are not disturbing other people at the beach. Wind is a very important factor when scattering ashes. Generally, hilltops and coastlines have high speed winds that can hinder your efforts.

Water pollution is taken very seriously by the Environment Agency. It is discouraged to throw materials containing metal and plastic like artificial wreaths which can harm the environment in the long run.

Choose a sandy beach to scatter the ashes. The area selected should be below the high tide line. The ideal time to scatter ashes is during the day when you can find a secluded part with few people nearby. Your goal is to keep the ashes from blowing away. The entry and exit routes of the beach should be avoided.

  1. Mountains and Clifftops

Mountains, hills and clifftops are very popular spots for scattering ashes due to their scenic location. The ashes should be scattered a little ways down from the top of the hill. A wide area should be chosen rather than one small spot. The ashes themselves are not toxic at all but the cremated bones are high in phosphate. Phosphate might create a problem of extreme plant growth. So scatter the ashes away from plant ecosystems and do it in small amounts. Permanent memorials set up at the site can cause accidents for mountain climbers. Make sure not to leave non-biodegradable materials after scattering ashes.

If you are going to select a popular mountain or hill to scatter the ashes, be warned that you may not find the privacy required for a sentimental goodbye. The higher the location, the windy it will be. Scatter the ashes by standing in an upwind direction to make sure they do not blow away.

  1. Churchyard, burial site in a woodland and cemeteries

You can find nearby locations like memorial gardens and grave sites with the help of cemeteries and crematoriums. Generally, they designate a separate area for families to scatter ashes of their loved ones. You will need to contact the funeral director or the crematorium authorities in order to obtain permission.

  1. Sports Grounds


An ardent sports fan can be given a memorable send-off by scattering his ashes at his favorite sports ground. Most popular are football stadiums, race course parks and rugby grounds. With some help from the funeral director, the authorities of sports venues can be reached for permission. Most clubs have strict policies in this regard. Moreover, it is very hard to visit the area to pay respects in future. A few notable clubs like the Queens Park Rangers honor fans and supporters annually. A respectable event is arranged which includes scattering the ashes.

  1. Various Locations

We all have different places we love and wish to see again. The ashes of loved ones can be scattered in a number of favorite locations to honor their memory. Some of it could be on a pitch, some on a sandy beach and some right in your backyard.

The location chosen to scatter the ashes should always be shared with all the family members. They have a right to know where the ashes of their loved one will be scattered. It should be accessible for relatives and family if they wish to visit some time in future.



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when calling this number, you will speak directly to a member of our family who will help you through every stage of the process and answer any questions you may have.