Losing someone you love is never easy; however, a good cremation funeral service can give comfort at a time of great sorrow by bringing family and friends together to express and share grief, to remember the person who has died, and to celebrate the life they have lived.

We can provide a wide range of ornamental urns. Again, through experience and feedback, we have selected a couple of ornamental Urns that we believe will offer the same quality and level of service as ourselves.

When considering how to plan a funeral, don’t forget the ornamental urn. They are an essential element to cremation funeral services, and our local funeral directors work with Shaw’s Funeral Products to offer a range of ornamental urns, miniature keepsake urns and biodegradable urns for all tastes and budgets.

Shaw’s Funeral Products, founded in 1750, supplies high-quality commemorative items and specialty accessories for independent funeral directors. Their selection of ornamental ash caskets ranges from the traditional to the ultra-modern, crafted from a variety of materials.

Most Shaw’s Funeral Products are handmade by experienced craftsmen and pass stringent quality testing to ensure they are the finest urns available for your cremation funeral services. Miniature keepsake versions of many of their urns allow for more than one relative or friend of the deceased to retain the ashes.

Ornamental Urns

From the traditional to the modern, in brass, ceramic, crystal, marble, glass, aluminium or wood, these high-quality ornamental urns satisfy all tastes and budgets


Miniature Keepsake Urns

A stylish range of traditional and modern hand-crafted keepsakes in wood or brass to allow loved ones to display the remains.


Biodegradable Urns

Produced from sustainable materials, this alternative range of urns is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable