End of Life Planning

A little time spent now can save a lot of worry later.

End of Life Planning, There are three legal documents everyone should have if they want to prepare fully for their end of life and their family’s future.   We also recommend that you have an End of Life Plan, this is a document setting out your funeral wishes, the location of your essential documents and other important personal information.  A little time spent now can save a lot of worry later.

1. Making a Will

In our experience people facing death seem to fall into two groups: those who have prepared for the inevitable and organised their affairs properly – and those who have made little or no arrangements. We have found that failing to prepare for it, can cause uncertainty and difficulties for those family members who are left behind.

People who die without leaving a Will often leave problems for their loved ones to sort out. Not only does a Will let people know to whom you wish to leave your money and property, but it can also appoint guardians and protect your share in property from being used to pay care costs or passing to a new spouse under Inheritance law.

2. Lasting Power of Attorney

Most of us assume that when we are no longer able to deal with our own affairs, then a family member or a friend can just step in and do it for us. If only it were that simple!

The Law advises that we take steps to protect our interests before our health fails. And to in order to do this, we must have a legal document, known as a Lasting Power of Attorney, drawn up between ourselves and someone who agrees to act as our Attorney. This person could be a relative, friend or a lawyer.  The document provides proof of who you trust to handle your affairs and make decisions on your behalf.

3. An Advance Decision- medical treatment

The Advance Decision is a clear statement made in advance to your doctors and relatives setting out your own personal wishes if you became terminally ill or unconscious and with no hope of recovery. The document relieves your next of kin from the heavy burden of making a decision themselves

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