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Losing someone you love is never easy; however, a good cremation funeral service can give comfort at a time of great sorrow by bringing family and friends together to express and share grief, to remember the person who has died, and to celebrate the life they have lived.

We can provide a wide range of ornamental urns. Again, through experience and feedback, we have selected a couple of ornamental Urns that we believe will offer the same quality and level of service as ourselves.

Wooden Cremation Urns

Our wooden urns for ashes are hand carved from hardwoods, they are thoughtfully designed, tactile and stylish.

As each urn is a natural product, variations in the grain and colour will occur as no two urns are the same. Each of our wooden urns is as unique as your loved one.

Most of the wooden urns from bay tree funerals are suitable for a personalised engraved plaque – simply fill in the form which can be found on the individual wooden urns pages with your desired wording.

Wooden Cremation Urns

Ceramic Cremation Urns

After deciding to keep your loved ones ashes at home, you may want to choose something more pleasing than a standard cremation urn. Ceramic urns are some of the most popular and traditional forms of urns for ashes; at Bay Tree Funerals we have a large choice of ceramic ashes urns ranging from stunning classical styles to those with a more contemporary shape and decoration.

Crafted using ancient techniques which have changed little over the years, these ceramic urns for ashes are thought to represent eternity. The urns for ashes each have a ceramic plinth suitable for an engraved plaque, which can be ordered at the same time as the urn.

Ceramic Cremation Urns

Brass Cremation Urns

The brass urns from Bay Tree Funerals are hand forged and crafted, stylish and unique, and will look stunning in any home.

The funeral urns are available in Ten elegant designs. The brass cremation urns are modern and contemporary in style, providing a sophisticated, refined twist. Thoughtfully designed and chosen to give you a striking ashes urn, they are intended to make a statement.

Cremation Urns

Rest of the range

Signature Collection Ornamental Urns TD 001 Teardrop

Signature Urn TD 001 Teardrop Brown and Gold

Signature Collection Ornamental Urns TD 003 Teardrop

Signature Urn TD 003 Teardrop Black and Silver

Signature Collection Ornamental Urns LB 003 Lovebird

Signature Urn LB 003 Lovebird

Signature Collection Ornamental Urn Serenity Duo

Signature Urn Serenity Duo

Signature Collection Ornamental Urn KU 102L Wrapped Lily LED

Signature Urn KU 102L Wrapped Lily LED

Ceramic Ornamental Urn KU 002

Ceramic Urn KU 002

Ceramic Ornamental Urn KU 004

Ceramic Urn KU 004

Ceramic Ornamental Urn KU 006

Ceramic Urn KU 006

Ceramic Ornamental Urn KU 008

Ceramic Urn KU 008

Ceramic Ornamental Urn KU 009

Ceramic Urn KU 009

Ceramic Ornamental Urn KU 102L BL

Ceramic Urn KU 102L BL

Crystal Ornamental Urn GU 001

Crystal Urn GU 001

Crystal Ornamental Urn GU 009

Crystal Urn GU 009

Crystal Ornamental Urn GU 015

Crystal Urn GU 015

Marble Ornamental Urn SU 2980

Marble Urn SU 2980

Marble Ornamental Urn SU 6781

Marble Urn SU 6781

Marble Ornamental Urn SU 6783

Marble Urn SU 6783

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 110

Brass Urn HU 110

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 128

Brass Urn HU 128

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 135

Brass Urn HU 135

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 139 B

Brass Urn HU 139 B

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 140

Brass Urn HU 140

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 184

Brass Urn HU 184

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 186

Brass Urn HU 186

Brass Ornamental Urn AD 001

Brass Urn AD 001

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 404 and HU 504

Brass Urn HU 404 and HU 504

Brass Ornamental Urn HU 405

Brass Urn HU 405

Glass Fibre Ornamental Urn GFU 201

Glass Fibre Urn GFU 201

Glass Fibre Ornamental Urn GFU 205

Glass Fibre Urn GFU 205

Glass Fibre Ornamental Urn GFU 209

Glass Fibre Urn GFU 209

Glass Fibre Ornamental Urn GFU 212

Glass Fibre Urn GFU 212

Glass Fibre Ornamental Urn GFU 213

Glass Fibre Urn GFU 213

Aluminium Ornamental Urn AU 001

Aluminium Urn AU 001

Aluminium Ornamental Urn AU 002

Aluminium Urn AU 002

Aluminium Ornamental Urn AU 003

Aluminium Urn AU 003

Aluminium Ornamental Urn AU 004

Aluminium Urn AU 004

Aluminium Ornamental Urn AU 005

Aluminium Urn AU 005

Aluminium Ornamental Urn AU 006

Aluminium Urn AU 006

Wooden Ornamental Urn WU 101

Wooden Urn WU 101

Wooden Ornamental Urn WU 102

Wooden Urn WU 102

Wooden Ornamental Urn WU 103

Wooden Urn WU 103

Wooden Ornamental Urn WU 104

Wooden Urn WU 104

Wooden Ornamental Urn WUD 001

Wooden Urn WUD 001

Wooden Ornamental Urn WUD 002

Wooden Urn WUD 002