Covid Funeral Wake Rules

Covid Funeral Wake RulesCan I still hold a wake at my home?Yes, however, up to a maximum of fifteen people. When around other people, you must still stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household – meaning the people you live with – or your support bubble. Where

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Ashes Scattering Sites Leicester City Council

Ashes Scattering Sites Leicester City Council Leicester City Council have put together a leaflet detailing where you can scatter cremation ashes, on land within their jurisdiction. They have to be congratulated for their forward-thinking, and whilst they do have a very real need due to help their population; which has

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Changes To Funeral Restrictions In Leicester

CONTACT OUR TEAM FOR IMMEDIATE HELP OR ADVICE PLEASE CALL 0116 2788868 when calling this number, you will speak directly to a member of our family who will help you through every stage of the process and answer any questions you may have. Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Funerals Rules As lockdown

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Coffins Leicester

Coffin and Casket Choosing what feels rightAs with many things today, the choice of coffins can be a bit overwhelming. You are best to consider a few basic requirements first so that you can get some idea of what you’re looking to achieve before you finally make your selection.Would you

Remembrance events information

Remembrance events informationResidents are being asked to stay home on Remembrance Sunday this year and find other ways to honour those who served and sacrificed themselves in the line of duty.Many services and parades have been cancelled or scaled back in line with government guidance on social distancing.If services are


Bereavement Provides information on bereavement, where to go for support, and suggestions for helping yourself and others through grief. This page is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg). Coronavirus (Covid-19) is impacting all our lives, and we know that the usual advice might not quite apply. Some ideas for looking after

No awkward silences please:

No awkward silences please: Grieving people think saying the wrong thing is better than nothing11 May 2020To mark Dying Matters Awareness Week (May 11-17), Hospice UK has released new findings from Savanta ComRes that show that 72% of those bereaved in the last five years would rather friends and colleagues

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Family Hold Back: How To Say Goodbye To Someone With No Family

Family Hold Back: How To Say Goodbye To Someone With No Family Dying Matters asks, Are we ready for our own deaths and those we care about? as the theme for their Dying Matters Awareness Week 2020. It is suggested that for the majority of us, the answer to this

Guidance COVID-19: guidance for managing a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic Updated 18 May 2020

Please noteThis guidance is of a general nature and should be treated as a guide, and in the event of any conflict between any applicable legislation (including the health and safety legislation) and this guidance, the applicable legislation shall prevail.Main principlesThis advice is designed to assist people who are involved

How to Write a Condolence Message

A gentle way to show your support and care for the bereaved is to send a condolence message. Messages of understanding and support are profoundly valued; accepting sympathy notes is a significant part of the grieving. With regards to putting pen to paper, most individuals are not able to figure

What to wear to a funeral

What to wear to a funeral While deciding what to wear to a funeral, most people decide to go conservative. Well, you are not limited to only wear black; you must dress in a way that shows respect. Moreover, your funeral dress may be guided by your culture, climate or

Where to scatter ashes in the UK

Where to scatter ashes in the UKScattering ashes of your loved one is a great way to honour their life. These days, cremation has become progressively famous as the alternative to the traditional funerals. This service takes place on a burial service pyre or at some crematorium, whereby the deceased

Bespoke Funeral Services

A brief history of undertakers

By Richard Rawlinson In medieval times, the word ‘undertaker’ was used vaguely for anyone undertaking a task, whether house building or funeral work. It doesn’t derive from taking the deceased six feet under but, by the 17th century, the term ‘funeral undertaker’ was being abbreviated to ‘undertaker’ and, as this association became

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Asian Funeral Services Leicester

Providing a Specialist Asian Funeral Directors Services to families across the LeicesterWorking with the Sikh & Hindu Communities in the Leicester, Bay Tree Funaerls offer a specialist  Asian Funeral Package covering all of the necessary services and products to suit both the Sikh and Hindu Funeral rituals.We are independent so

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Christian funerals Leicester

Christian funeralsThis guide will explain what typically happens at traditional Christian funeral services; including Church of England funeral services and Catholic funerals.What is a Christian funeral?Christian funerals are bespoke services, tailored to meet the needs of the Christian faith. Christians believe that when someone passes away, it is the end

Hindu funeral rites

Arrange a Hindu funeral for your loved one Fast

Hindu funerals leicesterThis guide will explain typical Hindu funeral etiquette and what death rituals must take place before a Hindu cremation.Hindu beliefs about deathHindus believe in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls. According to Hinduism, when the physical body dies, the soul reincarnates into another life force.Whilst Hindus mourn the

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Whether you’re close to retirement age or not

Whether you’re close to retirement age or not, The idea of life Without work is a remarkably appealing prospect.However, if you want to get the most from your retirement, it is crucial that you begin to think about what you want to take out of it and how you can

Blaby Cemetery

Blaby Cemetery

Blaby Cemetery is situated at Mill Lane, Blaby. Mill Lane Cemetery was opened in 1863.In 1997 additional land was purchased by the Parish Councilfor an extension to the Cemetery. BURIAL FEES AND PAYMENTS Fees, payments and sums fixed by Blaby Parish Council in pursuance of its powers in respect of

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10 most-requested funeral songs 2020

10 most-requested funeral songs 2020Funerals are emotional occasions and finding the right song is often vital to capturing the mood.Loughborough Crematorium helped thousands of people say goodbye to the people they lost over the course of 2019.And the crematorium has now released a list of its top 10 most requested

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What is a direct cremation and is it right for me?

What is direct cremation?A “direct cremation” is a simple cremation without a service: no funeral, just a cremation. Less expensive than standard cremations, direct cremations usually take place outside of peak hours, when there is less demand at the crematorium. This keeps costs low and allows the family to hold

Saffron Hill Cemetery

Saffron Hill Cemetery

Saffron Hill Cemetery, Leicester cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Mat Fascione – Saffron Hill cemetery has the general burial area for traditional and lawn graves, a small Polish burial area, cremation plots and memorial roses, a children’s section and the Muslim cemetery with prayer house. There is seating for 65 people

South Leicestershire Crematorium

Countesthorpe Crematorium Countesthorpe Crematorium Cremation services are 1 hour, but longer times can be arranged on request. They cater for any religious denominations as well as non-religious funeral services and celebrations of life.   Find South Leicestershire Memorial Park and Crematorium Foston Road, Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, LE8 5QP Telephone: 0116 258 1870


Great Glen Crematorium

Our response to coronavirus (COVID-19) Our customers, colleagues and communities are at the heart of what we do. Therefore in light of the developing Covid-19 situation, we will be posting information on what action we are taking based upon recommendations by the Government and Public Health England. In line with

Gilroes Crematorium

Gilroes Crematorium

Gilroes Crematorium Gilroes Cemetery and Crematorium is a beautiful green, welcoming and peaceful place. The mature trees, broad paths and memorials of the cemetery are complemented by the neat headstone rows in the lawn cemetery and the vibrant, aromatic roses in the Garden of Remembrance. Since opening in 1902 the

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Which are the advantages of a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is generally the cheapest alternative because it can prevent the need for extra costs incurred in a conventional funeral service like embalming, viewing of the deceased, the funeral service, and additional transport for your family members or close family members. Which are the advantages of a Direct

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Rainbow Hearse

Rainbow hearse- the world’s first of it’s kind   We are proud to say that our rainbow hearse- the world’s first of it’s kind- officially joins our fleet of carriages and is available to hire for funerals This purpose-built horse drawn funeral hearse carriage was tastefully spray-painted by a local

Funeral Director Samantha Ward

Samantha Ward Female Funeral Director

Samantha Ward is an independent funeral director who prides herself on taking a non-traditional approach without jeopardising the solemnity of the occasion, Bay Tree Funerals, offers a careful and considerate approach to funeral direction that really listens to the needs of the family. What professional funeral services do you offer? From

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What is a humanist funeral?

What is a humanist funeral? A humanist-funeral is an extraordinarily intimate and individual service. It is nonreligious funeral however humanists follow a belief system ourselves as human beings to do the right thing. Thus, humanists class this as their religious belief and therefore should be taken seriously. It is a

Sikh funeral leicester

Sikh funeral

Sikh funeral rites: the ceremony Sikh funeral rites: the ceremony A sikh-funeral takes place as soon as possible after the death of a person, funeral directors ideally, this would be within three days or less of the passing of the deceased. In most cases, this is possible if they have
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